ITASKIN Education Center

IEC is located in the ITASKIN Education Center which is owned by North Homes Inc. Learners can earn academic clock hours while at IEC. These hours are then sent to the students’ home district when discharged from IEC.

Students are educated in all four of North Homes Programs offered. The ITASKIN Center offers a Stabilization Shelter Center, a 35 Day Evaluation Program, a 90 Day Residential Classroom and a Secure Detention Center. Click on the North Homes link for more information on their programming.

All MN state academic standards are addressed daily. Core classes are: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Science, Fine Arts, and Electives.  Social Skills, Career Exploration and Transition Skills are also covered on a weekly basis.

There are 3 classrooms in the Shelter Center/ Non–Secure Program.

Classroom Teachers are:

Mrs. Morgan- Lead Teacher - Language Arts/Careers
TBA – Teacher - Math/Careers
Mr.  Moen - Teacher - Social Studies/Careers
Mr.  Grossell – Teacher - Health/Physical Education
Mrs.  Gooch - ESP
Mrs.  Bishop - ESP

Classroom Teacher in 90 Day Residential Program:
Mr. Hildreth - Teacher
Mrs. Beyer - ESP

Classroom Teacher in Secure Detention Center:
Mr. Stein - Teacher

Classroom Teachers/ESP Cottage
Mrs. Fleischer - Teacher    Classroom 1
Mrs. Sutherland - ESP   
Mrs. Broberg  -  Teacher   Classroom  2
Ms. O'Shea -  ESP

Director of IEC and School District #318 Special Educational Services:
Ms. Anna Lloyd

Assistant Principal of School District #318 Special Educational Services: 
Mr. Ken DeCoster

Itaskin Education Center School Secretary is:
Ms. Riely

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